Don’t Be Feeling Me

Harry Potter gets a conservative Christian rewrite to protect the children from becoming witches. A man tricks his girlfriend into eating her dog. Would Mel Gibson's "William Wallace" be happy with Scotland? iPhone users get bent out of shape after a serious trolling, and we look at some of the shallowest reasons ever to dump … Continue reading Don’t Be Feeling Me

Three Minute Wonder

Fool me once - shame on me! Fool me twice - shame on you! Unlucky in love, or just plain stupid? You get the idea as the stupid and gullible meter overload on talk of the "Walmart Toe Sucker", $70K OkCupid dating idiocy, fake pregnancy, not being allowed to have sex without a licence, and … Continue reading Three Minute Wonder

Dating, Lying, Facebook

Stalker Kitteh

We were listening to the Bobby Bones show (it's Sara's new favorite morning radio show) on the way to work, when they ran a promo asking people to call in if they ever had or would use a fake name on a date to "protect yourself  because it's so easy for people to find you on … Continue reading Dating, Lying, Facebook