What A Way To Go

So many terrible ways to die, only one chance to get it all wrong and make it onto Nothing Serious 76. Paul, Daniel and Steven debate whether there's a place for short-term marriage contracts, while Steven gets hot under the collar for the female Russian litter throwing vigilante. Lots of feedback this week from Wilbur of … Continue reading What A Way To Go

Squatty Potty

What is the point of bomb proof underwear? No "atheist" vanity plates allowed in New Jersey. Steven bets his reputation on Ben Affleck being a great Batman. West Carrollton man is still alive and kicking after being dead for 49 minutes, and have we been pooping wrong all along? Stories mentioned in this episode of … Continue reading Squatty Potty

The Third Pot Of Coffee – Nothing Serious #Podcast 29

Embarrassing DMCA claims for the UFC, crappy surgeons implant fecal matter in patients brains, tax brakes for atheists, coffee might just kill you, beer that prevents hangovers and raising our children to be wusses . We tackle all these topics plus have an epic convocation address along with our Bad Joke of the Week. Stories … Continue reading The Third Pot Of Coffee – Nothing Serious #Podcast 29

The Blogosphere Is Dead And Its Your Fault

Warning: ** If you're easily offended I suggest you click off to another blog this instant because I will offend your delicate sensibilities. This post is about the blogosphere in its entirety and not about any one particular individual or their actions. ** I am sick to death of the blogsphere. It's weak, it's spineless … Continue reading The Blogosphere Is Dead And Its Your Fault

CNN reporter linked to Michael Jackson’s death!

The reporters (and I use the term very loosely) at CNN are apparently so starved for news, so desperate for page views and have such a tenuous grasp on reality that they now resort to groping at the thinnest and most improbable of straws in order to create a headline. Today there was a post … Continue reading CNN reporter linked to Michael Jackson’s death!