Do You Disclose Sponsored Posts?


Do you disclose sponsored posts? You really should, you know! Disclosure isn't something I've seen talked about a lot on the web lately, unless it's people complaining about TechCrunch, or TechCrunch a throwing a rather pathetic hissy fit about biased reviews (see the comments for a good laugh). Disclosure appears to be something that seasoned bloggers just take for … Continue reading Do You Disclose Sponsored Posts?

FTC Guidelines : They’re Not About YOUR Blog!

I watched the news surface yesterday about the FTC’s guidelines governing endorsements and testimonials and how they now affect bloggers. I read the entire 81 page document (it’s a bit of a drag to read but I recommend that you do), shrugged my shoulders and moved on. I decided to stay out of the inevitable … Continue reading FTC Guidelines : They’re Not About YOUR Blog!