She Should Have Flown United – Nothing Serious Podcast #118

Flat Earth conspiracy theories, the excitement in science, Mike Pence vs the Internet, Ann Coulter vs Delta, rocks with religious writing vs Atheist car windows, and Bill Gates vs money.

Doctor Who fans should stay tuned after the episode for some bonus content about the first female Doctor.

Stories mentioned in episode 118 of Nothing Serious Podcast include:

That’s Not How You Stir It!

The primates get aggravated on Nothing Serious 75 as we discuss sibling sex, Doctor Who, and is editing entertainment to avoid hurt feelings a mark of respect or simply avoiding flack from the vocal minority? A Canadian nine-year-old makes off with a bus, sloppy reporting and how many Americans are actually single, and the boys get pissy about making tea.

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

Doctor Voyages Into Judgement

Daniel and Paul lament the death of Google Reader, talk Doctor Who paraphernalia, Star Trek, Gears of War and boldly going where only science fiction has gone before.

Intro & outro music – “Tremblin'” by Freeky Clean & Creedence Jr.

Are You My Mommy? The Kids Are Geeks!

I’m so proud right now! As you may remember I recently introduced Sara and the kids to their first Doctor – Christopher Ecclelston.

I knew the kids were starting to love the Doctor Who series when they started asking, every day, to watch another episode but it didn’t hit home just how much they liked it until this morning.

Damian, the youngest, started editing his “Animal Crossings” character to look like the child from “The Empty Child“. The resemblance is uncanny!

Empty Child