Furbaby – Nothing Serious #Podcast 103

How far would you go to protect your "furbaby"? Would Daniel make a good Tony Montoya? Why can't you electrocute children in your classroom? Can reading to your kids at bedtime unfairly disadvantage other children? What were New Adventure Travel thinking when they launched their "Ride Me All Day For £3" bus campaign? Did a … Continue reading Furbaby – Nothing Serious #Podcast 103

I Was Never A Black Kid…

We have a full complement for episode 100 of Nothing Serious, and this week we talk babies, creationism, hacking vs pranking, entitlement and racism in education. As a bonus, next week you get to blame Hodson for us discussing a story that is more than a year old. Stories mentioned in this episode of the … Continue reading I Was Never A Black Kid…

Hump It Or Dump It!

Daniel's return causes an extra-long episode of Nothing Serious as the guys go repeatedly off topic discussing the Atlanta educators cheating scandal, how to fix education in America, stealing forklifts, selling tickets to heaven, more than you ever wanted to know about body image, and fixing the world's population problems. Stories mentioned in this episode … Continue reading Hump It Or Dump It!

The Devil’s In Your Taillight

The first Sunday night episode of Nothing Serious has the guys taking aim at Pope Francis as he shoot a poor one out of three this week. From Catholics breeding like rabbits & contraception, to ideological colonization and freedom of speech - poor Pope Frankie struggles this week with only one saving grace. A Mississippi teacher … Continue reading The Devil’s In Your Taillight

Yes, Atheists Can Be Dicks Too

Just because you're an atheist doesn't mean you always hold the moral high-ground as was proven this week in Florida. The oldest member of Nothing Serious escapes the nursing home long enough to join us in a debate about dementia and consent. Police in Beloit, Wisconsin come up with a clever way to catch the … Continue reading Yes, Atheists Can Be Dicks Too

Bigger Than Jesus

Steven & Daniel forge ahead with episode 84 of Nothing Serious despite the fact that Paul is MIA for this show. Piracy, crime, punishment and Taylor Swift are top of the guys thoughts along with the Italian scientists that were just cleared of manslaughter charges after failing to predict an earthquake. Censorship of birth control in biology … Continue reading Bigger Than Jesus

It’s Un-American

It's more than just as we try out a new segment on episode 68 of Nothing Serious - "I want to play a game". However, it's not all fun and games as we discuss Ann Coulter, soccer, automatic sperm donation machines, education, science, fleshlights and of course, poop! Stories mentioned in this episode of the … Continue reading It’s Un-American

Everything Runs On AA Batteries

How to deal with intolerance? Should creationists be allowed give the commencement speech at Montana Tech. Is being too cautious taking the fun out of learning and teaching science? Do you hate your job as much as this guy? We saw the Congressman kissing staffers - but was twitter to blame? All this and more … Continue reading Everything Runs On AA Batteries