Atheist! Ask Us Anything

In honor of "Ask an Atheist Day", Daniel and Paul are joined on this weeks show by atheist and internet activist Ryan Burkhart. We get stuck into a wide range of topics including zombies, Max Brooks, Google, Drones, Pope Francis, illegal downloading at the Vatican, Facebook's double standards, and more... Links mentioned in this episode include: Army… Continue reading Atheist! Ask Us Anything

Much Ado About Facebook

Daniel and Paul talk Shakespeare, Joss Whedon, Censorship, Facebook, marketing, consoles and more in this weeks episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast. Links mentioned in this episode: Much Ado About NothingGame Consoles are already dead, and developers know it.EU Parliament voting for a complete ban on pornagraphyFacebook adds more filters to your newsfeed Intro & outro… Continue reading Much Ado About Facebook