It’s The Holiday Season But Nobody Needs To Know Your Opening Hours

Holiday bours fail

It goes without saying that the holidays are one of, if not the most profitable times for retailers, but they are especially important those with physical stores. It follows that those businesses such as malls, that make their money from renting space to retailers would do everything in their power to properly notify the public… Continue reading It’s The Holiday Season But Nobody Needs To Know Your Opening Hours

An Exercise In How Not To Sell Online Advertising Space

How Not To Sell Advertising Space - Paul OFlaherty

If you sell anything, especially in the online advertising space, read the following and learn from it. Never make the mistakes this girl made, not even once! A few weeks ago I had a woman representing a local TV news station call trying to sell my client advertising on their website. When I used the… Continue reading An Exercise In How Not To Sell Online Advertising Space


Is motorboating girls an appropriate way to raise money for breast cancer research? Can laying your boobs on random things save your life? Learn from this University of Iowan teaching assistant and find out what you should never email to your students. Have you ever been angry enough to bite your mates dong "like a… Continue reading DoucheTube

This Photo Sums Up Much Of What Is Wrong With The Deep South

Second Ammendment

"Loose" the second "ammendment". Let the second "ammendment" run free. I have no idea what an "ammendment" is, it may be distantly related to an amendment, but apparently if we "loose" the second one, we will have to "loose" them all. While we were driving home today from West Mobile, Sara spotted this truck with… Continue reading This Photo Sums Up Much Of What Is Wrong With The Deep South

Clearly Google AdWords Does Not Care About Trees

Google Adwords Wasted

Listen up Google AdWords team! As a long-term user I really appreciate it when you send coupons for free advertising to my clients and myself. It's always a great way to make sure that we test out new features or simply to pull time away and devote a little time to tweaking our advertising campaigns… Continue reading Clearly Google AdWords Does Not Care About Trees

Baby Megatron Will Have Revenge

Hail Megatron

It's good to see that the idiots are out in full force. If you haven't heard about it, the online world is buzzing about "Baby Megatron" or at least the baby who may be called Megatron now that more than 1,000,000 (1 million) people have joined the Facebook fan page called: MY SISTER SAID IF… Continue reading Baby Megatron Will Have Revenge