He Looks Like He’s Been Beaten With The Special Stick

Does having a TV in  your bedroom lead to more and better sex, or is it just a dirty little secret? Is screwing a pool raft an indicator of mental illness? Do we really need gender neutral pronouns? Would you hire someone with lots of facial piercings? Should we give Fathers Day the chop – I mean, what do Dads contribute anyway?

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Apparently I Wouldn’t Look Very Good In Spandex

The kids are with their real dad today, as they should be on Father’s Day, but they have still managed (with Sara’s help) to surprise me. Last time they were here they presented me with an early Father’s Day card, which almost brought me to tears, and today they managed to sneak another one into the living room without even being in the house.

This card carries a very plain message – I should never wear spandex! I think I need to keep with the low-carb diet for a while longer.

Fathers Day Card

The Most Wonderful Surprise From The Kids

When I first met the kids I was absolutely terrified that they wouldn’t like me, but right now I’m having a very hard time not crying over something so wonderfully silly.

Sara was out shopping with the kids when they asked Sara if they could pick me up a card for Father’s Day and this is what they surprised me with when they walked in the door.

I’m choked up right now and don’t know what to say. It’s my first Father’s Day card ever and I honestly never expected to receive one but am so amazed that these wonderful kids would want to give me one.

Fathers Day CardFathers Day Card 2