It’s Called Self-Defense

Be careful what you say this week or you could find yourself arrested for "rape by fraud". Thankfully the fear of arrest for bullshitting doesn't stop Daniel and Paul for talking about everything from eating expensive dogs and stealing toilet parts to Computer Engineer Barbie, Biz Markie, and the Ferguson riots. Stories mentioned in this … Continue reading It’s Called Self-Defense


Paul and Daniel kick back and relax on this weeks Nothing Serious wondering just what crime you'd have to have committed in order to fake being a quadriplegic in a coma for two years to avoid going to court. A Middlesbrough man gets a suspended sentence over a thoughtcrime - are Mange and Hentai fans … Continue reading Thoughtcrime

Going In Cold

We're going in cold this week and hitting the mics with zero preparation. Pucker-up and prepare for a rip-roaring episode where we talk anatomically correct vagina cupcakes (they're finger licking good), cops in hot water, drone surveillance, queefing on school bus, and why didn't Jesus write anything down for the bible. Stories mentioned in this … Continue reading Going In Cold