That’s How My Grandmother Died! Ageism, sexism and the perils of live video casts. We look at the darker side of online streaming while trying to determine if racism & conservatism are related to low I.Q's. A petition is underway to get the Federal Communications Commission to revoke the broadcast license for Fox News, just as they hire prominent … Continue reading That’s How My Grandmother Died!

American Jihad

Steven and Paul get stuck into the great American horror story of willful ignorance on episode 82 of Nothing Serious. Pope Francis stirs the pot stating the evolution is not inconsistent with creation, but could this be a ploy rather than an acceptance of science. Fox News, not content with trotting out Weather Channel co-founder John … Continue reading American Jihad

Can A Land Rover Give You Herpes?

Chinese exorcist has sex with the possessed vaginas. Randy British dude assaults an innocent Land Rover. Hodson gets depressed about Katee Sackhoff and Riddick. Herpes infested monkeys invade Florida. Man brews beer in his own gut and Elizabeth Hasselbeck from Fox News suggests that gamers should  be monitored to prevent us form going off on … Continue reading Can A Land Rover Give You Herpes?