Interview with Chris Cree @ SOBCon08

I'm finally getting around to editing all of those videos and interviews that Sara and I recorded in Chicago for Fuelmyblog. This first video to be cranked out is an interview with Chris Cree from In this video I ask Chris about his involvement with SOBCon as well as getting Chris to share some … Continue reading Interview with Chris Cree @ SOBCon08

Defining Yourself – It’s Not So Easy!

We are all proponents of the art of self branding. We all practice it every single day, most of us without even realizing it. We all makes choices everyday where the resulting outcome is a much an extension of our personality than any logical thought process. We all have a basic need to define ourselves, … Continue reading Defining Yourself – It’s Not So Easy!

O’Flaherty Episode #07 – The Screwdriver edition!

The Screwdriver edition! Chatting about Twitter and Pligg tonight as well as trying a bit of new Danish music. Links Twitter Twitter Vision SuperGu Copyrights Open Source Pligg Code, Sends C&D FuelMyBlog (Clicking the link votes for me. Don't want to vote? Go to The Good Blogs Surfact Music Apple Pie by Japanese Girlfriend! … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #07 – The Screwdriver edition!