This Photo Sums Up Much Of What Is Wrong With The Deep South

Second Ammendment

"Loose" the second "ammendment". Let the second "ammendment" run free. I have no idea what an "ammendment" is, it may be distantly related to an amendment, but apparently if we "loose" the second one, we will have to "loose" them all. While we were driving home today from West Mobile, Sara spotted this truck with … Continue reading This Photo Sums Up Much Of What Is Wrong With The Deep South

I Refuse To Call It A JJ

From genius strip club marketing to technological idiocy, we run the gamut from self-incriminating porn viewers  to Russia trying to ban swearing on the internet. While the Pope acknowledges gay priests and overweight people get chucked out of New Zealand, we launch into a serious PSA and attempt to educate you about how to catch … Continue reading I Refuse To Call It A JJ

BIIP… BIIP.. BIIP… Tasticles!

Cardinals have "bunga bunga" parties in the Vatican, Darth Vader runs Death Valley, levelling 5000-year-old Peruvian pyramids, the State Department spends $630,000 failing to engage on Facebook, Bebo goes cheap(er) and the Viralheat Blogathon. Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include: Pope's 'gay lobby' remarks stir up new storm of Vatican … Continue reading BIIP… BIIP.. BIIP… Tasticles!

So We Bought This Baby Name Book…

100000 Baby Names

Okay, lets get this our of the way: No Sara's not pregnant. No we're not trying, well not for at least another year, but yes we are giving serious thought to having a baby in the next 2 years or so. So being us we ordered a book of baby names as Sara simply refuses … Continue reading So We Bought This Baby Name Book…

An SEO Expert Walks Into A Bar

An SEO expert walks into the bar

I couldn't help but giggle when I saw this post on TNW this morning. It just reminded me of all those people who claim they are they do search engine optimization but actually engage in little more than keyword stuffing, social network spamming, and placing a few links in free directories.