A New Spiritual High

Fookin Ell! This 2-year-old's may be adorable, but Hodson has a cranky about ALS ice bucket challenge! Should Burger King bugger off out of America, are legal tax avoiding techniques unpatriotic, and should children be allowed shoot real guns? Lets get spiritual while searching for the perfect place for meth, and lets forget about wang measuring competitions … Continue reading A New Spiritual High

Making A Deposit At The ATM

Can you find reform in the prison system after having sex with and ATM or picnic table? Does a naked violin player stroke his own strings, and is the type of violin really that important? Liquor at a gun range - what could possibly go wrong? Is a jihad against Cadbury chocolate overkill? The guys … Continue reading Making A Deposit At The ATM

The Dreaded Ron Jeremy Vampire

After 5 failed attempts to record this episode frustrations run just a little bit high as Daniel, Paul and Steven discuss quitting the internet, Islamophobia, 3D phones, paid YouTube channels, Warner Brothers abusing Nyan Cat and more... Stay tuned to the end of the show as this episode also features an edited interview with author Peter Clines of the … Continue reading The Dreaded Ron Jeremy Vampire