xPrintServer – Must Have Device For iOS Printing On Windows Networks

XPrintServerI just finished installing the Office Edition of the Lantronix xPrintServer on a clients network, and I must admit to being very impressed with it.

xPrintServer is a tiny little device (smaller than an iPhone, but thicker) that you plug into your network, which acts as a intermediary between your network printers and your iOS devices.

Set-up is ridiculous simply – you just plug it in to your network, wait about 30 seconds for it to detect all the printers on your network (USB ones can be connected directly), and… that’s it really.  Your iOS device should automatically discover the printers on the network that are shared by xPrintServer.

After 30 seconds the xPrintServer had detected all of our printers, including ones like the Koyerca KM-3060, allowing me to print without performing any configuration at all.

With support for over 4000 printers, allowing printing to up to 8 USB printers (you’ll have to attach a hub) and 10+ network printers (2 if you get the cheaper $99 home version), this is $200 well spent.

About the only issue is that you’ll have to be careful where on your network you install it, as complicated network topographies can cause it not to detect some printers, but that’s hardly the devices fault.

Blow Me – One Thing I Never Want To See If You Repair My Computer

Everybody who’s ever done any kind of work with computer hardware knows just how much of a pain in the backside dust buildup can be, and how potentially damaging it can be over time.

That’s exactly why I was a more than a little surprised to see a clients computer come in from being repaired looking like this. (Sorry about the poor quality pictures, the light was not the best for taking photos with a camera phone.)

The company doing the repairs performed a motherboard replacement, and while I don’t expect machines to ever be squeaky clean, I really believe that repair places need to apply copious use of the compressed air before returning a computer to a client.

Tip:  You can clean your computer, help prevent those fans becoming clogged and avoid some potential overheating by investing in a can of compressed air.

Dust1Dust on motherboard

Speaker Productivity

This may be a rather obvious point to most folks but, at home, speakers allow you to be far more productive that headphones.

For the past few months I’ve been using headphones when at my desktop PC instead of speakers. The reasons for this have been many, including desk space and the fact that Ex and I play WoW side by side.

When playing side by side it’s rather unfair to have one player sitting there with booming 5:1 surround sound which is drowning out the audio that the other player is trying to hear through their headphones.

Needless to say, in the interest of fairness, it’s best for us both to use headphones.

Over the past few months I’ve become stuck in my ways of using headphones and failed to realize that they were reducing my productivity.

The best thing about speakers (say when listening to podcasts) is that you can just crank up the volume and wander around the house and make a cup of coffee without interrupting what you’re listening to.

Speakers allow you mobility in your house / office without the tethering wire of the headphones.

Using my headphones, if anything is more that 8 feet away from my desk, then I have to pause the audio, remove the headphones and then un-pause when I return.

There’s a loss of productivity here as it may now take me a number of minutes longer to get to the end of what I’m listening to. That might not sound like much, but if you listen to a lot of podcasts and it takes you 5 minutes extra per podcast (due to being on pause) it starts to add up.

Ex is away today so I just put the speakers back on to my second screen this morning and am loving the fact that I can again wander around while listening to the latest episode of “The Instance“.

I know I could listen to podcasts on my mp3 player and have full mobility. I know I could buy wireless headphones. But why bother?

I’ve got a perfectly good volume button on my speakers…

(Image by William Hook)

O’Flaherty – Episode #02

Getting sick with Vista.

Talking about new operating systems, cool blogs and free software while trying not to sweat on the microphone.

Apologies for my voice and rushing this one – I’m a little under the weather!


  • The joy and the hardware woes

The Experiment

Google WebMaster Tools



The Blogs


Get well soon Derek!

Download Podcast MP3: OFlaherty #02 25.6mb 27:56