Probing – Nothing Serious Podcast #116

Breatharianism - Can you survive on sunlight and fresh air alone? Why does NASA want to probe Uranus? Do we need a Space Corps? Should you get charged for being rude? Do beards protect men from homosexuality? These questions, and more get debated by Paul and Daniel in this special episode of Nothing Serious, Stories mentioned … Continue reading Probing – Nothing Serious Podcast #116

Everything Runs On AA Batteries

How to deal with intolerance? Should creationists be allowed give the commencement speech at Montana Tech. Is being too cautious taking the fun out of learning and teaching science? Do you hate your job as much as this guy? We saw the Congressman kissing staffers - but was twitter to blame? All this and more … Continue reading Everything Runs On AA Batteries

If I Were The Devil…

Steven and Paul hold down the fort on episode 55 of Nothing Serious as Daniel gets called to a "911 at work". We ask that people "Let it go" as Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook attempts to ban the word bossy and Generations Radio host Kevin Swanson claims that Disney's "Frozen" indoctrinates young children into homosexuality and bestiality … Continue reading If I Were The Devil…

Far Nellier Than Banana Hammocks

On episode 45 of Nothing Serious we ask - if a picture is worth a thousand words, can a $730 photocopy allow you play video games? A naughty teacher gets the unchristian treatment and is suspended when stolen nude photos surface online. Satanists stir the pot and plan a statue in Oklahoma. Daniel gets so … Continue reading Far Nellier Than Banana Hammocks

I Refuse To Call It A JJ

From genius strip club marketing to technological idiocy, we run the gamut from self-incriminating porn viewers  to Russia trying to ban swearing on the internet. While the Pope acknowledges gay priests and overweight people get chucked out of New Zealand, we launch into a serious PSA and attempt to educate you about how to catch … Continue reading I Refuse To Call It A JJ

The Wrong Witch

X-ray death machines, gay prelates, loony balloons, genitals fighting in public, women peeing standing up, and running over carjackers? The only thing that could possibly make this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast better would be if Paul, Daniel and Steven could find a way to blame men for the menopause... Stories mentioned in this … Continue reading The Wrong Witch