The Free Speech Episode

The internet does it's best this week to prove that "STOOPID" reigns supreme online as armchair activists drop their Cheetos, remove the wedgie from their tighty whities, and grab their keyboards to spew forth their vitriol and ignorance in support of Phil Robertson from A&E's "reality" show "Duck Dynasty". As Paul, Steven and Daniel gently toss … Continue reading The Free Speech Episode

Now That The World Wide Web Is Truly Global…

World Wibe Web Truly Global

Now that the World Wide Web is truly global lets start treating it as such. I've said it for years, and will continue to do so - It's time to stop treating the web as a U.S. , and U.S. centric, entity. Everyone needs to be dealing on a global level and realize that the … Continue reading Now That The World Wide Web Is Truly Global…

I Refuse To Call It A JJ

From genius strip club marketing to technological idiocy, we run the gamut from self-incriminating porn viewers  to Russia trying to ban swearing on the internet. While the Pope acknowledges gay priests and overweight people get chucked out of New Zealand, we launch into a serious PSA and attempt to educate you about how to catch … Continue reading I Refuse To Call It A JJ

So You Deleted Your Comment… #TrueStory

It really gets my goat when I write an amazingly witty retort to a comment on Reddit, only to find the comment I'm replying too has already been deleted by the time I hit "save". The world will never be able to appreciate the sheer genius of those replies. They simply don't have the same impact when … Continue reading So You Deleted Your Comment… #TrueStory

The Coming War On General Computation – Cory Doctorow

The copyright was was just the beginning. - Recorded at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress. The last 20 years of Internet policy have been dominated by the copyright war, but the war turns out only to have been a skirmish. The coming century will be dominated by war against the general purpose computer, and the … Continue reading The Coming War On General Computation – Cory Doctorow

An SEO Expert Walks Into A Bar

An SEO expert walks into the bar

I couldn't help but giggle when I saw this post on TNW this morning. It just reminded me of all those people who claim they are they do search engine optimization but actually engage in little more than keyword stuffing, social network spamming, and placing a few links in free directories.

The Google+ Badge Is Horrendous


It's well known that I've already surrendered to my Google overlords and fervently chase each new product they offer with the enthusiasm of a horny teenage boy trying to catch his first glimpse of a real pair of boobs, so when I choose to put fingers to keyboard to complain about something, you'd better believe that I've … Continue reading The Google+ Badge Is Horrendous

Seriously America? “You Mad Bro?” Is Racial Intimidation?

U Mad Bro

BABY BOOMERS. Y U NO UNDERSTAND INTERNET?!? I've facepalmed (if you don't understand "facepalm" then don't even bother reading this rant... it will go right over your head) at least 20 times while trying to put the words together to express the level of idiocy being displayed by the NAACP and Fox 8 News who ran … Continue reading Seriously America? “You Mad Bro?” Is Racial Intimidation?