Podcast Interview – Biology Of the Blog

Biology Of The Blog

Last week I had the pleasure of being interview by Jess Goulart for the Biology of the Blog podcast on BreakThru Radio. On the podcast we talk about a number of topics including how to improve computer science curricula at Universities so that we can turn out developers with real-world skills and ensure that people are… Continue reading Podcast Interview – Biology Of the Blog

Bill Rake of The ABCs Of Whatever Podcast Interviews Me About Atheism

ABCs Of Whatever

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out on Skype, being interviewed by Bill Rake of The ABCs Of Whatever Podcast. For those of you not familiar with the their podcast - let's just say that it's fairly conservative with respect to the shows I'm normally involved in, but that proved a great… Continue reading Bill Rake of The ABCs Of Whatever Podcast Interviews Me About Atheism

The Dreaded Ron Jeremy Vampire

After 5 failed attempts to record this episode frustrations run just a little bit high as Daniel, Paul and Steven discuss quitting the internet, Islamophobia, 3D phones, paid YouTube channels, Warner Brothers abusing Nyan Cat and more... Stay tuned to the end of the show as this episode also features an edited interview with author Peter Clines of the… Continue reading The Dreaded Ron Jeremy Vampire

Nothing Serious Podcast – Special Edition: Interview With Author Peter Clines

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of interviewing author Peter Clines (14, The Eerie Adventures of the Lycanthrope Robinson Crusoe) about the ExHeroes series, movies, surviving the zombie apocalypse and Doctor Who! This gets seriously geeky 🙂 Writer on Writing (Peters Blog)Peter Clines Facebook fan page Bonus! - Check out our competition on Geek Is Awesome to win signed copies… Continue reading Nothing Serious Podcast – Special Edition: Interview With Author Peter Clines

The Myth of Online Transparency

Sara sent me a link about the banning of Guy Adams, a foreign correspondent for the Independent, who was suspended from Twitter without warning after posting a series of critical tweets about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. Adams appears to have had his account suspended for posting the email address of Gary Zenkel, the President of NBC… Continue reading The Myth of Online Transparency

An Urlesque Interview: Sara And Paul’s Twitter Wedding (Video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX_BJrsezts Today we had the pleasure of being interviewed on Skype by Jay Hathaway (@strutting) of the web culture and trends site Urlesque, about our impending (tomorrow - tomorrow!!!) wedding. We'd like to thank Jay for the opportunity to talk about why we are streaming our wedding and for sharing that video with everyone.

Interview with Chris Cree @ SOBCon08

I'm finally getting around to editing all of those videos and interviews that Sara and I recorded in Chicago for Fuelmyblog. This first video to be cranked out is an interview with Chris Cree from successcreeations.com. In this video I ask Chris about his involvement with SOBCon as well as getting Chris to share some… Continue reading Interview with Chris Cree @ SOBCon08

O’Flaherty Episode #14 – Lending Club

Lending Club! Today's show is a special interview with John Donovan, the COO of Lending Club. Links Lending Club Facebook Credit Podcast Theme: Derek K. Miller Audacity Download Podcast MP3: O'Flaherty #14 9.28 Mb 0:21:20