Podcast Interview – Biology Of the Blog

Biology Of The BlogLast week I had the pleasure of being interview by Jess Goulart for the Biology of the Blog podcast on BreakThru Radio.

On the podcast we talk about a number of topics including how to improve computer science curricula at Universities so that we can turn out developers with real-world skills and ensure that people are studying the skills that they are most suited for.

We also talk about the differences and similarities between online and offline marketing, finding your marketing voice, being authentic, engaging your audience and building your network.

The podcast features musical tracks as well as the interview with yours truly. I’ve highlighted the sections where I appear on the playlist below if you want to skip straight to the interview.

Unfortunately the interview was cut short because I had to leave to deal with a client emergency and we weren’t able to take up the interview again, but Jess edited things so that the ending isn’t too abrupt.

00:00 Mic Break
00:21 Like a Lie – Copeland
04:42 A Real Hero – Electric Youth
09:03 Mic Break
09:47 Lay Your Wet Head Down – Emby Alexander
13:26 Interview w/ Paul pt. 1
25:40 POC – Filmstrip
28:29 MMS 1970s – Filmstrip
30:54 Interview w/ Paul pt. 2
41:21 Sun/Shadow – Holy Ghost Tent Revival
45:37 Mic Break
46:05 Windows Painted Shut – Jam Jars
50:16 Saplings – Jam Jars
54:24 Finish

Download “Biology of the Blog” mp3. 64.4 MB 54:24

Bill Rake of The ABCs Of Whatever Podcast Interviews Me About Atheism

ABCs Of Whatever
ABCs Of Whatever Podcast

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out on Skype, being interviewed by Bill Rake of The ABCs Of Whatever Podcast.

For those of you not familiar with the their podcast – let’s just say that it’s fairly conservative with respect to the shows I’m normally involved in, but that proved a great opportunity to have a friendly discussion about Atheism, agnosticism and all things religion.

This audio I am posting here is from my backup recording and features just the interview without all the other segments of the show. The final audio posted by Bill has some weird echoing on his side that makes him incomprehensible at times but those problems do not exist in the version I am posting here.

Bill goes one-on-one with Paul O’Flaherty, the host of Nothing Serious Podcast. Paul is a “Level 7″ atheist (you gotta listen to find out what that means!), a great podcast host, a jovial Irishman, a new Dad, and a thoughtful guy. Bill tries to get to the heart of atheism and point out some areas where he and Paul disagree.

If you would like to hear the entire show (not just the interview) then drop along to The ABCs of Whatever site, or The 405 Media.

Download: MP3 (1:12:46 – 33.3 MB)

The Dreaded Ron Jeremy Vampire

After 5 failed attempts to record this episode frustrations run just a little bit high as Daniel, Paul and Steven discuss quitting the internet, Islamophobia, 3D phones, paid YouTube channels, Warner Brothers abusing Nyan Cat and more…

Stay tuned to the end of the show as this episode also features an edited interview with author Peter Clines of the ExHeroes series. You can listen to the complete interview where Peter and Paul discuss everything from Peters books, to surviving the zombie apocalypse and Doctor Who at here.

Check out our competition on Geek Is Awesome for a chance to win signed copies of ExHeroes and ExPatriots.

Stories mentioned in this episode:

Nothing Serious Podcast – Special Edition: Interview With Author Peter Clines

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of interviewing author Peter Clines (14, The Eerie Adventures of the Lycanthrope Robinson Crusoe) about the ExHeroes series, movies, surviving the zombie apocalypse and Doctor Who! This gets seriously geeky 🙂

Bonus! – Check out our competition on Geek Is Awesome to win signed copies of ExHeroes and ExPatriots.

The Myth of Online Transparency

Sara sent me a link about the banning of Guy Adams, a foreign correspondent for the Independent, who was suspended from Twitter without warning after posting a series of critical tweets about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.

Adams appears to have had his account suspended for posting the email address of Gary Zenkel, the President of NBC Olympics, with twitter claiming that it breached their guidelines, however, all that Adams posted was the public corporate address which is available to anyone with access to Google.

Of course, there’s a lot of (probably very well deserved) claims of corporate censorship involved in this story, but the reason I’m posting it is because it brought this Big Think interview with Henry Rollins to mind, where Rollins talks about how the internet has opened up new worlds of instantaneous communication, and new opportunities for media and governments to obscure and evade the truth.

But it has also allowed media to become convincingly transparent while they become mischievously and maliciously non transparent and in the media now, what you get now is lots of opportunity to get information and lots of opportunity for the information to be misinformation, disinformation, non information, distractive information, when we should be looking at this we’re going to find out about the Kardashians…

Voltaire may have said it best:

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

An Urlesque Interview: Sara And Paul’s Twitter Wedding (Video)

Today we had the pleasure of being interviewed on Skype by Jay Hathaway (@strutting) of the web culture and trends site Urlesque, about our impending (tomorrow – tomorrow!!!) wedding.

We’d like to thank Jay for the opportunity to talk about why we are streaming our wedding and for sharing that video with everyone.

Interview with Christine Kane

I had a great time interviewing people in Chicago and one of the most outstanding interviews was with singer/song writer Christine Kane.

This interview was really special for me because while Christine is first and foremost an artist, the conversation here is a unique take on a marketing and blogging.

Dawud Miracle had this to say about the interview when he posted the raw version of the interview on his blog:

At SOBCon08 last weekend, she sat down with Paul O’Flaherty from FuelMyBlog to chat about music, blogging, business and new opportunities for musicians using social media.

From the interview (below): “…blogging for me has enabled my creativity to reach people who wouldn’t in a hundred years go out to a club.”

I’ve posted the interview (less than 15 minutes) below so business owners – musicians and otherwise – can see a successful niche blogger share what she’s learned about social media that’s made her successful.

Christine has also posted the raw version of this interview and has expanded upon a brilliant little question that was raised in the middle of this interview on her blog.

If you were a real artist, you wouldn’t need a blog
…all you would have to do is paint in your studio, or hang out with your instrument, creating and creating, while the masses of adorers who are feverishly running around looking for someone to adore just continue to find you even though you spend all your time making your art. If you build it, they will come, right? If you were a real artist, they would come and they would discover you. Wouldn’t they?

Christines latest album "A Friday Night in One lifetime" is available from Christines site and is well worth checking out, I was lucky enough to get a free copy of it at SOBCon and you can check out a free sample track here.

The great laptop we had for recording these vidcasts was kindly sponsored by ERA London.