Don’t Be Feeling Me

Harry Potter gets a conservative Christian rewrite to protect the children from becoming witches. A man tricks his girlfriend into eating her dog. Would Mel Gibson's "William Wallace" be happy with Scotland? iPhone users get bent out of shape after a serious trolling, and we look at some of the shallowest reasons ever to dump … Continue reading Don’t Be Feeling Me

AT&T’s Vizzini Moment


Sara sent me a link to an Information Week article about the most recent piece of AT&T FUD regarding the iPhone coming to Verizon. Apparently it's brown trousers time for AT&T's  Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, Larry Solomon, who sent the following statement to Business Insider: "The iPhone is built for speed, but that's not what … Continue reading AT&T’s Vizzini Moment

Would We Be Better Bloggers Without Statistics?


I was listening to TWiT episode 246 a few moments ago and Dwight Silverman said something that really resonated with me while they were discussing Nick Denton, Gawker and the whole "stolen iPhone / iPhoneGate" fiasco. "This is the dilemma of the web. I think every news organization that has the ability to see how … Continue reading Would We Be Better Bloggers Without Statistics?