Stitcher – Please Give Podcasters Some Link Love

StitcherStitcher is awesome. It is one of my two favorite podcast apps and if you love listening to podcasts you should be using it. If you’re a podcaster you should have your show listed on their service, and if you’re anybody at all, you really should be listening to Nothing Serious on Stitcher.

Now that the gushing and fawning is out of the way, I want to briefly discuss one of the very few problems I have with the service – Stitcher is crap at giving link love back to podcasters.

I’m not the only one who thinks so, it was this Facebook comment by Jason Calacanis that prompted me to write this post:


Stitcher is building a business on the back of content created by podcasters but doesn’t give the content creators a link to their websites or twitter accounts (something that most services do and more…).  This lack of love from Stitcher feels dirty, especially to podcasters that hustle to get listeners, swap promos, promote each other, and promote services that promote them.

You might say that Stitcher is promoting your content and getting you listeners, but let’s be honest here, unless you’re a “big” podcast they’re not really. Legions of podcasters provide links to Stitcher from their websites in order to make listening easy for listeners, it’s got little to do with traffic.

Well, at least for us it’s got little to do with traffic – out of the 21,415 (at the time of writing) downloads of Nothing Serious Podcast, only 64 listens have been on Stitcher, where we are on 10 people’s playlists. I don’t think I need to do the math for you to realize how tremendously small a percentage (0.29%) of downloads that is.

Again we, Nothing Serious, are a small podcast, but I would wager that so are the vast majority of the 15,000+ podcasts that Stitcher is building its business on, and that each and every one of those podcasts would appreciate a link from the show page back to their sites so that listeners can find other means to subscribe (yes, outside of Stitchers garden) can get access to additional content and find links to join the communities that surround their favorite shows.

It’s not really much that’s being asked for. All podcast services / directories that I know of (even iTunes) provide (at least) links to the shows website, and most go much further.

So how about it Stitcher? How about you take a step toward the middle of that two-way street called the podcasting community and show us all a little love?

I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

frustrated My friend Steven Hodson, got hot under the collar this week because posts of his from the Inquisitr weren’t making it on to Techmeme.

Steven’s problems weren’t caused by badly timed posts or lack of links, but apparently because Gabe Rivera doesn’t trust The Inquistr owner Duncan Riley.

I left this comment on Stevens post:

Steven, first off let me say I agree with Corvida on this one. Sit back, take a deep breath, a shot of brandy and don’t let this stuff get to you.

It’s hard to tell how much Gabe is influenced by Mike Arrington in this, if at all, (even though they are friends) and it would appear that Gabe has a genuine problem with Duncans integrity.

As for the truth behind it, I know not a jot, but I would trust that it is probably misguided as I trust YOUR judgement and wouldn’t expect that you would work anywhere that would reflect badly on your integrity.

I would suspect that until both Gabe and Duncan settle this issue then Techmeme is destined to be an Inquisitr free zone and getting yourself all worked up about it is futile my friend.

Again I recommend sitting back, relaxing, having a brandy, whiskey (or 2, or 2 of each) and let it all slide by.

That said, it would be great if Gabe and Duncan would settle this.

Damn I wish I had kept my mouth shut. Mostly.

Two days ago the story broke that there would be no more Techcrunch50 events. Loren Feldman posted a video interview with Jason Calacanis about it in the middle of the (U.S.) night, which just happened to be my Irish morning.

I quickly ran a post about it wondering if their was any truth to the puppet interview. 10 minutes later I found confirmation on Jasons twitter stream and posted again.

Needless to say I got a lot of traffic from twitter and the other networks that morning but not a sniff from Techmeme. That honor went to Paul Boutin at Venture Beat.

My post didn’t even make the discussion list even though I’d broken the story hours before anyone else (Sara and I were tracking it as we worked on other stuff).


Now, I’m aware that there are a number of reasons why my post may not have made it up there. I know it’s got nothing to do with Gabe not liking me and more than likely due to lack of linkage as this site is still building up it’s authority since the move from the old domain.

This post, is really just to say: “Steve, I know how you feel”.

I wish I’d kept my mouth shut, because even though I know why my post didn’t make it on to Techmeme, I know now how it stings when you feel you should be getting credit for something and aren’t.

I’m going to head off now for some of that brandy I recommended to Steven…