Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz – Give up the Grits

What is art and does dropping paint filled eggs from your vagina qualify? Should you be able to sue Kickstarter campaigns that don’t deliver on their product? Find out how awesome the Satanist statue for Oklahoma Sate Capital is, and ask yourself, if I eat grits will my kids turn out gay? All this and more on the episode where the guys get drawn in by a satirical article from the Daily Currant.

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The Lowest Common Denominator

Daniel and Paul get geeky and then get political as we discuss everything from the new Xbox, the deliverability problem of Kickstarter and whether or not birth control should be made available without prescription.

As a test for future ideas we recorded this weeks show using Google Hangouts instead of Skype.

Links mentioned in this weeks Nothing Serious Podcast:

Always Online

On this weeks Paul and Daniel get joined by special guest Steven Hodson of Winextra and Geek Dimensions.

This week we cover Kickstarter marketing, state religion in North Carolina, Adam Orth and Twitter marketing blunders, Aereo, Facebook happy emotions, what happens to your Google data after you die, and Reddit murder confessions.

Intro & outro music – “Tremblin'” by Freeky Clean & Creedence Jr.