Zombie Laptop Is Back From The Dead

After drowning my laptop if a flood of coffee yesterday, I am happy to report that is alive and kicking again.

A quick bout of surgery, some dry off time, some bed rest and this morning it’s back to it’s old habits and from now on shall be dubbed the Zombie laptop.

Zombie Laptop

Thanks to Sara for not taking the piss out of me (too much) for nearly destroying my laptop 😉

This Is Why You Keep Liquids Away From Your Computer

We’ve experienced the rush of fear when we almost spill a drink on our laptops, well today it was more than just “almost” for me.

Today, I was too busy talking to Frank and not watching what I was doing and sent the entire contents of my coffee cup (a big yellow one that would hold about 2 and a half normal mugs worth) straight onto my main laptop.

I immediately pulled the power, poured the liquid out, stripped it down, cleaned the areas that coffee got to and now it sits, as you can see from the picture below, in many pieces on my dining room table.

I’ll leave it to dry there overnight and hopefully when I reassemble it tomorrow it will come back to life.

There’s a lesson to be learned here folks 😉

Laptop in pieces 1