It’s Called Self-Defense

Be careful what you say this week or you could find yourself arrested for "rape by fraud". Thankfully the fear of arrest for bullshitting doesn't stop Daniel and Paul for talking about everything from eating expensive dogs and stealing toilet parts to Computer Engineer Barbie, Biz Markie, and the Ferguson riots. Stories mentioned in this … Continue reading It’s Called Self-Defense

The Donkey Looks Like Wonder Woman

69 Dudes! Is there really 97% consensus that man has a detrimental effect on climate change? Can a Judge run a Christian Ministry from her court room? Learn why you should always double-check the recipient before hitting send on that selfie. What is "bubbling", why is it a trend, and can we get Daniel to … Continue reading The Donkey Looks Like Wonder Woman

It’s Not Ironic And Funny If They’re Big

Does porn make your brain smaller? How big is too big at the "smallest penis in Brooklyn" pageant"?  Does making your kid walk home from school constitute endangerment? Just how bored were these teens to come up with this awesome school prank, and we discuss just what percentage of people lie on masturbation surveys. Stories … Continue reading It’s Not Ironic And Funny If They’re Big

Tactical F Bomb

Discrimination, stupidity, satanic coffee, tactical "f bombs" and the guys pulling a fast one on Paul  - episode 58 of Nothing Serious Podcast has it all... What's more important, baseball or being with  your wife after the birth of your newborn? White Privilege gets taken to the extreme. When is a terrorist not a terrorist? Stories … Continue reading Tactical F Bomb

Three Minute Wonder

Fool me once - shame on me! Fool me twice - shame on you! Unlucky in love, or just plain stupid? You get the idea as the stupid and gullible meter overload on talk of the "Walmart Toe Sucker", $70K OkCupid dating idiocy, fake pregnancy, not being allowed to have sex without a licence, and … Continue reading Three Minute Wonder

One Hot Sub!

While Geraldo Rivera may make some bad decisions about selfies, they're not as bad as tonight's Subway duo, monument defacing and Facebook posting genius or banning oral sex between consenting adults to "protect the children". Sticking with the general display of idiocy, Colorado town offers a bounty to shoot down government drones, bicycles get sexy … Continue reading One Hot Sub!

Stupid Injunction – Privacy Vs Freedom Of Expression

Dan Bull released "Stupid Injunction" as a response to the ongoing debate which is currently raging int he  UK surrounding the balancing of privacy concerns versus freedom of expression. As the names of public figures alleged to have taken out ultra-restrictive gagging orders continued to circulate freely on Twitter – and newspapers from Spain to Peru … Continue reading Stupid Injunction – Privacy Vs Freedom Of Expression

The Day Free Speech Died In The U.K.

1984 instruction manual

After Paul Chambers was arrested for making a joke about about blowing up an Airport on Twitter, I wrote about how Facebooks privacy changes (and those of other networks) can help to criminalize all of us by unnecessarily exposing what we think and what we say. Reports are now coming in that Paul Chambers has … Continue reading The Day Free Speech Died In The U.K.