What A Way To Go

So many terrible ways to die, only one chance to get it all wrong and make it onto Nothing Serious 76. Paul, Daniel and Steven debate whether there's a place for short-term marriage contracts, while Steven gets hot under the collar for the female Russian litter throwing vigilante. Lots of feedback this week from Wilbur of … Continue reading What A Way To Go

Too Many What?

Atomic wedgies, too many dicks on the dance floor, and way too much cheese! The stupid rules supreme on tonight's Nothing Serious as Paul, Daniel and Steven grapple with the Philadelphia Swiss Cheese wanker, death by atomic wedgie, judicial vs. religious divorce and 1st Amendment misconceptions. Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious … Continue reading Too Many What?

Key To A Happy Marriage?

Exactly what makes a happy marriage? Steven, Paul and Daniel get in depth on this very important topic leaving no stone unturned and no pube untrimmed. Is the key having a hot wife? Is it having your dong encased in padlocked plastic, or is it simply making silly excuses like "I'm an atheist" so you … Continue reading Key To A Happy Marriage?