Abstinence Not Education

Will things go to crap on episode 52 of Nothing Serious? The guys talk poop transplants to save lives, building a podcasting personality, babies with more than 2 parents, the failures of abstinence-only sex education, Florida teachers who are too drunk to stand, and "sex week" at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Stories mentioned in this episode … Continue reading Abstinence Not Education

Gangrenous Gigante And The Haunted House

Things turn green as Viagra related stupidity result in death and gangrene. Coca Cola marketing campaign offends sensitive Canadians. Would you run naked through a haunted house with strangers? Irish children to be taught Atheism in school and science grows a nose on a guys forehead. Also, our "Bad Joke of the week", local celebrity … Continue reading Gangrenous Gigante And The Haunted House