Is motorboating girls an appropriate way to raise money for breast cancer research? Can laying your boobs on random things save your life? Learn from this University of Iowan teaching assistant and find out what you should never email to your students. Have you ever been angry enough to bite your mates dong "like a … Continue reading DoucheTube

She Made Me Do It – Who Am I?

My beautiful wife has decided that she shall single-handedly breathe life into corpse of blog memes from the early 2000's and guide it's zombified corpse back to the interwebs. Such are the results of allowing her to get bored and as such (and because she tagged me in the meme) I am obligated to play … Continue reading She Made Me Do It – Who Am I?

Seriously America? “You Mad Bro?” Is Racial Intimidation?

U Mad Bro

BABY BOOMERS. Y U NO UNDERSTAND INTERNET?!? I've facepalmed (if you don't understand "facepalm" then don't even bother reading this rant... it will go right over your head) at least 20 times while trying to put the words together to express the level of idiocy being displayed by the NAACP and Fox 8 News who ran … Continue reading Seriously America? “You Mad Bro?” Is Racial Intimidation?

Baby Megatron Will Have Revenge

Hail Megatron

It's good to see that the idiots are out in full force. If you haven't heard about it, the online world is buzzing about "Baby Megatron" or at least the baby who may be called Megatron now that more than 1,000,000 (1 million) people have joined the Facebook fan page called: MY SISTER SAID IF … Continue reading Baby Megatron Will Have Revenge