About Microsoft’s Surface Tablet And The Apple Fanboys

Tablet PC

The amount of this crap I've been seeing in the comments sections of posts about Microsoft's Surface tablet is ridiculous. Regardless of your opinion about the product, folks need to pay attention to their computer history before opening their traps. Yes, I know Bill Gates actually showed off the first tablet at Comdex in 2000 (and of course there was "Windows … Continue reading About Microsoft’s Surface Tablet And The Apple Fanboys

Everybody’s talking – right?

An IM conversation with Sara from Suburban Oblivion about the new Microsoft ad campaign with Seinfeld and Bill Gates. The conversation says it all really! [15:50:12] Paul O'Flaherty says: 🙂 [15:53:21] Paul O'Flaherty says: Did you see this yet? [15:53:21] Paul O'Flaherty says: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/windows/default.aspx [15:54:31] Sara says: the ads? no [15:54:43] Paul O'Flaherty says: Don't … Continue reading Everybody’s talking – right?

O’Flaherty Episode #09 – Spaten München

Spaten München I'm pissed of at Apple iTunes. Microsoft makes good with Firefox. Facebook may yet grant my wish. You too can own a social network  and my podcasting glass is revealed. My voice decides to disappear mid way through the podcast. Thankfully a drink from my official podcasting glass brings it back and I … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #09 – Spaten München

OFlaherty Episode #03 – Coffee Club

Coffe Club From Vienna to the coffee club and CC Spam to podcast clients for Vista. Next MS OS in 2009? Mary Joe Foley on Vienna King of Spam CC VS BCC Wheres my feed? Feedburner Feeburner Forums On the Podcast Daily Source Code 542 Kaffeklubben P1 Attribution to bloggers Kennel Kaarup Podcasting to Generate $400 … Continue reading OFlaherty Episode #03 – Coffee Club

O’Flaherty – Episode #02

Getting sick with Vista. Talking about new operating systems, cool blogs and free software while trying not to sweat on the microphone. Apologies for my voice and rushing this one - I'm a little under the weather! Vista The joy and the hardware woes The Experiment Irish in Denmark Google WebMaster Tools Google WebMaster Tools Google Link … Continue reading O’Flaherty – Episode #02