And I’m Proud Of It

This song is stuck in my head and I’m rather happy about it. It sums up nicely how I feel today – smug, “called it”, cheeky and that works for me. 🙂

For those wondering how this fits in with my day, this song makes me feel happy. It’s guaranteed to put a cheeky, smug grin on my face, make me smile, bop my head and sing along no matter how I feel.

Seriously though, I can’t believe that this came out in 1993, it makes me show my age 😉

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Covers Nirvana’s “Lithium”

I’m a huge Nirvana fan. Their music was part of the “formative” years of my actually having musical taste and back in the day I used to attempt to make myself deaf as I listened to bootlegged tapes of their early work, volume turned to maximum as I trudge to and from school.

Needless to say there was obvious trepidation when I came across a video of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun, Inception) covering “Lithium” at the Neptune Theater in Seattle.

Thankfully, it’s a damn good cover.

Sunday Morning Pick Me Up – Scotty Doesn’t Know

Any track that can make both Sara and I grin and laugh like idiots at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning must be posted!

Lustra‘s “Scotty Doesn’t Know” has been a favorite of Sara’s and mine since we first saw the  film EuroTrip. There’s nothing like a bit of juvenile humor to put a cheap smile on your face and there’s just something about hearing this that reminds you of that humor in bucket loads.

The track is a serious earbug and lets be honest, being the lead singer in the band was probably Matt Damon’s greatest role!

If you haven’t seen the film yet (and how could you not, it’s been out since 2004?) do yourself a favor and have some cheap laughs watching it today 🙂

EuroTrip Poster

Old Skool Pirating

I’ve seen a number of posts today about the poor RIAA / MPAA and how they’re not making any money, losing billions to illegal pirates and bit torrent, yet when the movie industry alone is on course to have yet another record summer season, I must confess to having no sympathy for them.

U.S. Box office reports of earnings in excess of $3.99 Billion so far this season put them well on track to beat last years record summer of $4.02 Billion.

The beleaguered music industry is also continues to make claims of impoverishment while Warner Music reports profits increases of 70% in Ireland.

With that in mind, it obviously came as a bit of a chuckle to see this image of a cassette released by the Dead Kennedys 28 years ago.

Pirate Tape

Why you do not need music on your website

I’ve posted about how unnecessary and annoying it is to have music embeded in your blog before (back in December 2004), but now with the proloferation of MySpace type sites with their stupid profiles littered with music, clients again think that it must be “cool” to have it.

Well, instead of ranting on about it again, I came across this article on which lists nine arguments to use when you need to convince a client that their site doesn’t need music.

It’s obtrusive: Having music playing in the background can interrupt whatever is currently coming through the users speakers. Many people use their computers as media stations that play music and video. Having this suddenly interrupted is the equivalent of having a newspaper that jumps off the table and wraps around your head like a facehugger and starts laying headlines in your throat. There’s probably a better example to use when actually speaking to the client, but you get the idea: It’s forcing something down the users throat they didn’t ask for. Users expect web pages to contain useful information, not carry a tune.