Releasing Our Demons

It may be the Valentines Day episode, but that doesn’t stop Paul, Steven and Daniel talking about some decidedly non-romantic topics on episode 51. From a case of mistaken identity for the BBC, how very lucky the 99% are, being buried like a King of old, suing because you can’t use Facebook, to performing exorcisms via Skype – not a single tear was shed in the name of romance. There may have been some tears of laughter, but we can’t verify that…

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

The Myth of Online Transparency

Sara sent me a link about the banning of Guy Adams, a foreign correspondent for the Independent, who was suspended from Twitter without warning after posting a series of critical tweets about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.

Adams appears to have had his account suspended for posting the email address of Gary Zenkel, the President of NBC Olympics, with twitter claiming that it breached their guidelines, however, all that Adams posted was the public corporate address which is available to anyone with access to Google.

Of course, there’s a lot of (probably very well deserved) claims of corporate censorship involved in this story, but the reason I’m posting it is because it brought this Big Think interview with Henry Rollins to mind, where Rollins talks about how the internet has opened up new worlds of instantaneous communication, and new opportunities for media and governments to obscure and evade the truth.

But it has also allowed media to become convincingly transparent while they become mischievously and maliciously non transparent and in the media now, what you get now is lots of opportunity to get information and lots of opportunity for the information to be misinformation, disinformation, non information, distractive information, when we should be looking at this we’re going to find out about the Kardashians…

Voltaire may have said it best:

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.