Ostracize the Xenophobes – AmericaNet

Note: April 4th 2017 - The problems outlined in this post become even more of an issue since the introduction of more top level domains such as .audio, .blog, .biz. Also, rather depressingly, 10 years after since I wrote the original article and America is still the #1 source of spam according to Spamhaus. Lifehacker … Continue reading Ostracize the Xenophobes – AmericaNet

I am the CC King of Spam!

Well, not really, but if folks keep sending me emails that have been forwarded 200 hundred times and packed with addresses in the CC (Carbon Copy or Courtesy Copy) field then I could quite easily be if I wanted. I have no need to start scraping the internet for addresses all I have to do … Continue reading I am the CC King of Spam!