Furbaby – Nothing Serious #Podcast 103

How far would you go to protect your “furbaby”? Would Daniel make a good Tony Montoya? Why can’t you electrocute children in your classroom? Can reading to your kids at bedtime unfairly disadvantage other children? What were New Adventure Travel thinking when they launched their “Ride Me All Day For £3” bus campaign? Did a man who was drugged and rapped at gunpoint by 3 women deserve to be ridiculed by police?

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

A New View For Your Loved Ones – Nothing Serious 102

We recorded Nothing Serious 102 live on Google Hangouts and it was an absolute blast. Audio quality may be a little lower than usual, but next week we will be testing a new audio codec for Hangouts which should bring everything back up to par.

Nothing was sacred on this episode as the guys discussed everything from pothole fixing penises to sex toys that contain the ashes of the dead. Taxidermy is taken to its ultimate and most perverted conclusion, which we find out just how evil Dungeons & Dragons really is.

To wrap up we discuss unfit parenting, Lego and store managers that act above their station.

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

10 Days To Go – Brown Britches Time

The frequency with which I post about personal things on this site has become a rarity akin to a day without TMZ posting a wardrobe malfunction. In some ways that’s a sad thing for me, as this site has been a cathartic release for me for over a decade, however, it’s also a sign that life and business are good. That is to say, business is keeping me too busy to post anything unrelated, and life is too good for me to have much to complain about – besides exhaustion, my ever-present companion… I’m telling you 18 – 20 months old and separation anxiety… oh man!

If I’ve learned anything over the past 15+ years of blogging (an amazing 10 of which are archived on this site) it’s that there’s an ebb and flow to my writing that is not only governed by my passions but also by what’s happening in my life at the time, so I try not to sweat it.

That said, I am sweating right now. Not literally sweating – mentally. Scarlett Elyse will be born in 10 days and her impending arrival is causing me all sorts of anxiety. It isn’t that I’m not excited – quite the opposite. I couldn’t be happier and more excited, but I am afraid.

I was afraid when Malcolm “Stormageddon” Tennant O’Flaherty was born too, but this is different.

You see, Mal was my first and as such my parenting skills were entirely untested. 20 months later and I would have to declare my parenting skills still largely untested. It’s not that I’m not heavily involved in my son’s life, because I like to think I take a more active role than most, but beyond stating that “I haven’t managed to kill the child yet”, I can’t really attest to doing things right.

“The proof is in the pudding”, as they say (I don’t know who they are, but they clearly know a lot about pudding).

Unfortunately the pudding of parenting isn’t ready to eat for about 18 years.

Sara doesn’t berate me much for my parenting style, so I guess that’s something – but now I’m about to have a second child to morally corrupt / screw up / turn into the worlds first evil genius with the ability to actually defeat James Bond and even worse, manage to get through interrogating 007 without divulging any of her plans or secrets.

What can I do. What will become of the world?

I know I’m probably over-reacting. I’m betting that this is standard pre-birth paranoia for most parents. I just don’t want to get things wrong.

I want the best for my kids, and I want to be the best for my kids.

I guess the adventure is worth a little sweating and a fistful of new gray hairs!

The Power Is In Your Hands

Sexting doctors, underage Canadian strip searches, disrespectful youths, revenge porn, inappropriate memorials and the dirtiest way to recharge your phone ever – this episode of Nothing Serious Podcast has it all.

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

Don’t Be Feeling Me

Harry Potter gets a conservative Christian rewrite to protect the children from becoming witches. A man tricks his girlfriend into eating her dog. Would Mel Gibson’s “William Wallace” be happy with Scotland? iPhone users get bent out of shape after a serious trolling, and we look at some of the shallowest reasons ever to dump your partner. Oh, and Steven doesn’t what you to feel him like that, so hands off.

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

Your Wife Is Safe, Your Poodle – Not So Much!

We return from our two week hiatus with tales of raunchy tales of debauchery and stupidity that will make your soul shudder. From lost sex toys to “communing” with the beasts, rude passengers to mommies who will do anything for their children… or at least that’s what they claim. Remember what they say about the “out of the mouth of babes”… although, I don’t think Paul & Steven qualify as babes…

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

It’s Not Ironic And Funny If They’re Big

Does porn make your brain smaller? How big is too big at the “smallest penis in Brooklyn” pageant”?  Does making your kid walk home from school constitute endangerment? Just how bored were these teens to come up with this awesome school prank, and we discuss just what percentage of people lie on masturbation surveys.

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

Where Are The Parents?

Facebook Social Media AbuseI read the following without a single shred of disbelief, but with a lot of sadness when it comes to parenting skills of many of my peers and societies reaction to such a state – which is to let state be the corrective force.

The channel found that British police deal with around 20 “social media abuse” cases a day. In the last 3 years, there have been 20,000 investigations involving adults and almost 2,000 targeting children – although, since around a third of police forces did not give up their data, the number must be higher. Over 1,200 children have been “charged with a criminal offence or given a caution, warning or fine,” including four 10-year-olds and one 9-year-old. 

I have two questions to ask:

  1. Why are the children being cautioned or charged instead of the parents?
  2. Why are these parents allowing their children to use the internet without monitoring their activity?

Sadly, I suspect the answer to both questions to revolve around the same idea…