Why #BanBossy Is Flawed At Best And Potentially Harmful

Sheryl Sandberg - Ban Bossy

Catching up on my feeds after two days at home with Malcolm, it was nice see so many people backing the Sheryl Sandbergs's (COO of Facebook) attempt to ban the word bossy as a descriptor for girls and women. It was nice to see it because I was immediately reminded of how many people will … Continue reading Why #BanBossy Is Flawed At Best And Potentially Harmful

Abstinence Not Education

Will things go to crap on episode 52 of Nothing Serious? The guys talk poop transplants to save lives, building a podcasting personality, babies with more than 2 parents, the failures of abstinence-only sex education, Florida teachers who are too drunk to stand, and "sex week" at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Stories mentioned in this episode … Continue reading Abstinence Not Education

Super Glue Fixes Everything!

Daniel returns to the show in time for the Halloween episode, to join Steven and Paul discussing things far scarier than ghouls, spooks and specters. Senhor Testiculo may be the mascot of nightmares, mothers from hell rip scrotums and sell their kids virginity, "high homosexual demons", being a dick to the children and will the … Continue reading Super Glue Fixes Everything!

Malcolm Tennant Cometh

Tonight we head to Providence Hospital to begin the induction that, hopefully, will result in Malcolm Tennant making his first live appearance outside Sara's belly. Needless to say, I'm nervous as heck, but before we head to the hospital I wanted to get some words on video (however awkwardly) that have been beating around inside … Continue reading Malcolm Tennant Cometh

The Terrible Rolling Tide Of English

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H60kpWhyeZc Whenever I hear the inimitable Stephen Fry talk there's usually a cord struck deep within. This brief talk about the Irish language and Ros na Rún to The Phil, (December 7th, 2010) is no exception. "One can't deny the terrible rolling tide of English" Is English (or Chinese) destined to become the universal "common" or … Continue reading The Terrible Rolling Tide Of English

Dad’s Not An Idiot – He’s Me!

Sometimes it's easy to forget that just as there are stereotypes that (some) men impose on women, and criticisms that should never be leveled because they are sexist, the pendulum swings both ways and it is perhaps most evident in the area of parenting. As you may know Sara and I are expecting the arrival … Continue reading Dad’s Not An Idiot – He’s Me!

The New, New Office

New Office Space

The impending arrival of a new baby causes one to deal with many changes to life, and last night I surrendered my office so that Malcolm Tennant could have a nursery. Our home is 4 bedroom, with an office space (off of  the kitchen), however my (previous) office space was actually larger than the guest … Continue reading The New, New Office