Fifty Shades of PETA

It's a real head-shaker this week as Daniel and Paul revisit zero tolerance stupidity in the case of a 9-year-old who was suspended from school for telling another kid that he could make him disappear with the "one ring" from Lord of the Rings. According to West Virginia lawmaker Brian Kurcaba - rape is "beautiful" is… Continue reading Fifty Shades of PETA

Don’t Tell Me What To Think

Paul, Daniel and Steven are joined by Mykel Alvis on the latest episode of Nothing Serious Podcast for a quick fire jaunt through class divides, free speech, atheism, PETA, fallible popes, Facebook restricting speech, the entertainment industry wanting to infect and monitor your computer, the law breaking the law, patent trolls attacking podcasters and much, much… Continue reading Don’t Tell Me What To Think