Can A Land Rover Give You Herpes?

Chinese exorcist has sex with the possessed vaginas. Randy British dude assaults an innocent Land Rover. Hodson gets depressed about Katee Sackhoff and Riddick. Herpes infested monkeys invade Florida. Man brews beer in his own gut and Elizabeth Hasselbeck from Fox News suggests that gamers should  be monitored to prevent us form going off on … Continue reading Can A Land Rover Give You Herpes?

Old Skool Pirating

I’ve seen a number of posts today about the poor RIAA / MPAA and how they’re not making any money, losing billions to illegal pirates and bit torrent, yet when the movie industry alone is on course to have yet another record summer season, I must confess to having no sympathy for them. U.S. Box … Continue reading Old Skool Pirating