Tactile – Nothing Serious Podcast #114

Buckle in as the guys share a real money maker of an idea, figure out how to efficiently funnel beer to party goers, discuss legendary police officers, and then get very tactile with money, renewable energy and Santorum... or something like that... Stories mentioned in Episode 114 of Nothing Serious Podcast include: Why did these … Continue reading Tactile – Nothing Serious Podcast #114

Tim Cook Has Issues

Christmas is closing in but that doesn't stop the crew of Nothing Serious from whipping out their Christmas Balls and waving them at the internet. On this weeks show Hodson gets excited about Ann Coulter while South Dakota tries not to jerk while driving. The webcam voyeurism continues at drug dealers houses in Washington state North … Continue reading Tim Cook Has Issues

We Have Standards

The police and religion are front and center this week as Daniel, Paul & Steven talk about police officers pulling people over to ask if they have accepted Jesus as their savior, getting charities to purchase their surveillance equipment, and the British Military attempting to create a Satanist panic in 1970's Northern Ireland. Every starts going in the … Continue reading We Have Standards

I’m Gonna Do It With Pants On

It's the sex and alcohol episode as Paul, Daniel and Steven discuss teaching women to masturbate, alcohol warnings for women, 8 month long erections, pregnant teen boys in Chicago, police roadblocks, and ugly prostitutes. Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include: A game that wants to teach women how to masturbate.Alcohol "rape … Continue reading I’m Gonna Do It With Pants On

Grammar Police: They have me wound up again

Yeah, the Grammar Nazi's have been at it again lately and I’m sure you all know that they really chaff my ass (almost as much as the PC crowd), so I felt the need to have a little rant about them. Sorry for the poor lighting, but this was just a “get it off your … Continue reading Grammar Police: They have me wound up again