Facebook Pages May Not Be Good For Multi-Author Sites

Facebook PageI am currently an administrator for a number of Facebook fan pages and have been getting increasingly frustrated with the fact that I can’t reply on the page wall as myself.

Anytime a fan leaves a comment, or posts something and an administrator wishes to leave a comment, there is no way to distinguish one admin from another because all posts appear as being from the page.

What makes this situation even more annoying is that people have been complaining about it for a long time.

I found one thread with 538 posts on it dating back as far as March 2009.

It’s not as if it would be particularly difficult for Facebook to make this possible, to give authors the choice of posting as themselves or the admin, or even have them “log in” to the pages they administer in order to work  as the admin.

The only other workaround I can think of is to create multiple Facebook accounts, but that defeats the purpose of you having pages (and may even be against Facebooks TOS – will have to look that up).

This is very simple functionality that would actually start to make Facebook pages useful, rather than being glorified bull horns for spewing content at loyal fans.

Yet, as I said above, people have been asking for this fix since March of 2009 and Facebook don’t appear to be listening or care, so I guess I won’t hold my breath on this one.

Emotion Versus Marketing

I’m an emotional being. Very much so. If I wasn’t life would be so much easier.

Today I wrote a post that was entirely based on what I thought was a logical / marketing approach to breaking out of a stereotype.

Unfortunately my post was met by some with very emotional responses. Some were so emotional that it took a reply comment before they revisited my post to see what I actually wrote rather than what they first perceived I wrote ( and I thank them for re-visiting).

But why should a post about what is essentially a marketing question be met with such open hostility?

is it because of the demographic involved? Or is it something more?

Thoughts are appreciated, even from those who tell me I wasn’t being logical at all 🙂