Three Minute Wonder

Fool me once - shame on me! Fool me twice - shame on you! Unlucky in love, or just plain stupid? You get the idea as the stupid and gullible meter overload on talk of the "Walmart Toe Sucker", $70K OkCupid dating idiocy, fake pregnancy, not being allowed to have sex without a licence, and… Continue reading Three Minute Wonder

I’m Gonna Do It With Pants On

It's the sex and alcohol episode as Paul, Daniel and Steven discuss teaching women to masturbate, alcohol warnings for women, 8 month long erections, pregnant teen boys in Chicago, police roadblocks, and ugly prostitutes. Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include: A game that wants to teach women how to masturbate.Alcohol "rape… Continue reading I’m Gonna Do It With Pants On

Stormageddon Week #11 – Heartbeat (Video / Audio)

Sara and I took a little time today to hook the fetal doppler up to my podcasting rig in order to get a clear recording of the babies heartbeat. It took us a couple of tries as Stormageddon refused to "perform" when Sara was in a sitting position, but once she got down and stretched… Continue reading Stormageddon Week #11 – Heartbeat (Video / Audio)

Stormageddon Week 7 (Video)

Stormageddon Ultrasound Week 7

We had an interesting an unexpected trip to the OB/GYN today after Sara started spotting. What we originally believed to be a possible bladder infection resulted in a bit of a scare when they told Sara needed to have a transvaginal ultrasound, but every turned out to be perfectly fine and Stormageddon is on course… Continue reading Stormageddon Week 7 (Video)

Attack Of The Clones

The cloning process has begun. Honestly I’m incredibly shocked and still in denial that my beautiful Sara would even want to create minions with me, but I guess every evil empire has to start somewhere right? I’d love to write more, about how terrified I am, shocked, excited, happy… (and did I mention terrified?), but… Continue reading Attack Of The Clones