In Heat! – Nothing Serious Podcast #110

Things get weird as Cranky and Paul discuss the most expensive high-fiber diet ever, children’s rights to privacy online, overreaching schools and whether or not strippers are actually therapists. Things get even weirder when Pornhub sends your mom some very special glasses, and then there’s that skittles ad…

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Whizz-bang! Nothing Serious Podcast #106

We’re back! Season 2 of Nothing Serious Podcast has begun! Paul, Daniel, and The Cranky Canuck are back to bring common sense to the universe with our own unique brand of humor, cynicism, and sarcasm.

Struggling with a year’s worth of pent-up abuse to unleash upon each other, we attempt to tackle issues of privacy, governmental and corporate overreach, social contracts, and getting to the bottom of why Americans are having less sex than ever before!

Oh, did we mention we’re back!

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Ann Coulter’s Pure Confessions

What are the implications of live-tweeting photos of people at a sting operation? Should Ann Coulter be banned from the internet? How pure are the confessions and intentions of the people serving your food? How can screwing up a single measurement cost $20+ billion dollars? Join Daniel, Steven and Paul as they struggle with these questions and more, on Nothing Serious Podcast 63.

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One Hot Sub!

While Geraldo Rivera may make some bad decisions about selfies, they’re not as bad as tonight’s Subway duo, monument defacing and Facebook posting genius or banning oral sex between consenting adults to “protect the children”.

Sticking with the general display of idiocy, Colorado town offers a bounty to shoot down government drones, bicycles get sexy new vibrating seats, guppies have claws on their genitals, and our anonymous caller is back with another “bad joke of the week”…

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

Facebook Ghosts

Steven Hodson of Winextra joins Daniel and Paul this week to talk about Call of Duty: Ghost, the next Xbox, Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, Dailymotion, Google Glass, privacy, rainwater and more…

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Dating, Lying, Facebook

Stalker Kitteh

We were listening to the Bobby Bones show (it’s Sara’s new favorite morning radio show) on the way to work, when they ran a promo asking people to call in if they ever had or would use a fake name on a date to “protect yourself  because it’s so easy for people to find you on Facebook.

Clearly the notion here is that the more nefarious characters in this world may have an easier time tracking you down and stalking you because you’ve put your information on the internet, therefore you should change your social behavior and in the name of protecting yourself should lie your ass off in real life.

I never got to hear if anybody actually called in as it’s a relatively short drive to work, however it did get me thinking and one of the first things I said to Sara was –

“So let me get this straight, the idea here is that because you’re too stupid to change one behavior, you have to change your other social behaviors? Seriously, if I went on two dates with someone and then found out they were using a fake name, I’d be more inclined to think they THEY are the psycho!”

What social behavior am I talking about changing? It’s the one where you post every damn aspect of your life online. Sure it’s the cool thing to do, but if you’re worried about Jack or Jacqueline the psycho / stalker / voyeur / rapist / NAMBLA member turning up on your doorstep then maybe you shouldn’t be sharing all of your personal details online?

It’s really simple, lock down that Facebook profile (or other service) and before you post ask yourself if you really want strangers to have access this information?

Don’t want your ex-boyfriend knowing where you’re living? Don’t post your address it online. Why is he even on your friends list anyway?

Don’t want the husband knowing that you’re screwing his mate while he’s at home minding the kids and you’re supposed to be working the night-shift? Don’t post a picture of yourself sucking face with him at the bar! It’s such a simple concept.

While you’re at it, use a service like Google Voice so that you never have to give out your “real” phone number and have complete control over when and who can text or call you. Sara actually thinks that Google Voice should be marketed to people who date a lot, as it is perfect tool for blocking annoying calls and texts and making sure that only the people you want to contact you can.

Just because we use the internet doesn’t mean that we have to change all of our other social behaviors to compensate for what we post. Lying about who we are is a sad attempt to fix a problem by causing another problem, without ever actually addressing the root issue – not being responsible about what we post online.

As for this idea of weeding out the psychos by giving fake names, I believe it’s fair to say that the worst personality traits of people often don’t surface until you’ve been in a relationship with them for a long time, so lying at the beginning is hardly going to protect you from the worst of things. Not to mention that lying is never a good way to begin a relationship.

Stupid Injunction – Privacy Vs Freedom Of Expression

Dan Bull released “Stupid Injunction” as a response to the ongoing debate which is currently raging int he  UK surrounding the balancing of privacy concerns versus freedom of expression.

As the names of public figures alleged to have taken out ultra-restrictive gagging orders continued to circulate freely on Twitter – and newspapers from Spain to Peru repeated their identities – Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the proliferation of information on the web had made a “mockery” of current privacy rules.

Mr Hunt raised for the first time the possibility of a new watchdog to ensure that social media such as Twitter and Facebook were subject to controls similar to those faced by the press and broadcasters, saying there may be a case for converging the regulation of traditional and new media.

In a signal that the Government could consider fresh legislation, he repeated David Cameron’s insistence that Parliament, rather than judges, should be responsible for ruling on the balance between privacy and freedom of expression.

Mr Hunt said: “We are in this crazy situation where information is available freely online which you aren’t able to print in newspapers. We are in a situation where technology, and Twitter in particular, is making a mockery of the privacy laws we have and we do need to think about the regulatory environment we have. In the end, I do strongly believe it should be Parliament, not judges, that decides where we draw the line on our privacy law.”

Alarm in Whitehall at the increased willingness of a small group of High Court judges, including media law specialist Mr Justice Eady, to impose gagging orders whose very existence cannot be disclosed has grown in the last 48 hours as the alleged identities of the super-injunction-protected celebrities circulate freely in cyberspace – while the mainstream media risks criminal sanction if it repeats the information.

Social Networks Spell The End For Superheroes Secret Identities

If Superman were real do you think that he’d be able to keep his identity hidden in today connected world?

Not having his alter ego online could send up a red flag that something is wrong and be almost as much of a risk as having drunk relatives posting stuff about him online.

Then you have to consider the legions of stalkers (Louis Lane and Lex Luthor included) who would be scouring profiles and running home brewed attempts at facial recognition in order to track down the man of steel.

It’s sad to say, but todays connected world would leave no place for a real superhero to protect their identities.

Supermans Social Networking Nightmare

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