Where’s The Damn Subscribe Button?

Really I don’t care if you’re not concerned about how many people read your blog. I couldn’t give a monkeys arse about your super minimalist design. I fart in the face of your need for the ultimate in minimalist aesthetics. If you don’t have a clear and easily located RSS or subscribe button on your … Continue reading Where’s The Damn Subscribe Button?

You need to be wrong to be a blogger!

On thing I can’t stand is a smug, condescending git who thinks he (or she) knows everything. Unfortunately the internet is chock full of these assholes, who believe that their opinion is all that counts and will argue that to the death that the moon is actually the buttocks of the late, great John Candy, … Continue reading You need to be wrong to be a blogger!

More Posts = More Attention?

Common sense would seem to tell me that the more I post the more readers I will have and the more I'll be able to attract. This may be true from a search engine perspective as the more material you have the more likely it is that somebody will click on something but what about … Continue reading More Posts = More Attention?