Furbaby – Nothing Serious #Podcast 103

How far would you go to protect your “furbaby”? Would Daniel make a good Tony Montoya? Why can’t you electrocute children in your classroom? Can reading to your kids at bedtime unfairly disadvantage other children? What were New Adventure Travel thinking when they launched their “Ride Me All Day For £3” bus campaign? Did a man who was drugged and rapped at gunpoint by 3 women deserve to be ridiculed by police?

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

Reading: Swords Against Death

Swords Against Death

Swords Against DeathOn this weeks reading list –  some old school swords and sorcery!

In the second installment of this rousing series, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser journey from the ancient city of Lankhmar, searching for a little adventure and debauchery to ease their broken hearts. When a stranger challenges them to find and fight Death on the Bleak Shore, they battle demonic birds, living mountains, and evil monks on the way to their heroic fate. Fritz Leiber’s witty prose, lively plots and superb characterizations stand the test of time.

Are you locked in your room?

I was thinking as I lay awake last night (30 minutes total sleep and I went to bed at a shockingly early 11pm) that the room I was staying in last night was very much representative of many bloggers who don’t read other blogs (or who keep within a limited number of like minded bloggers).

The room itself is representative of the mind set of many people who like to surround themselves with people who think along the same lines and represents a self imposed wall of thought around the creative process behind blogging.

That’s why the best bloggers read a lot. Not just blogs, but newspapers, magazines, listen to the radio and build a much broader picture of their world that the narrow one which is just their field of interest.

They don’t keep the door to the room locked and only allow in folks of similar opinion. They make the room open to all and sundry to visit and actively trek outside to experience other rooms and place in order to build of a bigger picture of the world.

They pursue experience by challenging themselves to face to opinions of those who would not normally fit into their room.

What about you? Do you let fly the windows and doors and venture outside or do you remain inside?