Always Online

On this weeks Paul and Daniel get joined by special guest Steven Hodson of Winextra and Geek Dimensions. This week we cover Kickstarter marketing, state religion in North Carolina, Adam Orth and Twitter marketing blunders, Aereo, Facebook happy emotions, what happens to your Google data after you die, and Reddit murder confessions. No state religion for … Continue reading Always Online

So You Deleted Your Comment… #TrueStory

It really gets my goat when I write an amazingly witty retort to a comment on Reddit, only to find the comment I'm replying too has already been deleted by the time I hit "save". The world will never be able to appreciate the sheer genius of those replies. They simply don't have the same impact when … Continue reading So You Deleted Your Comment… #TrueStory

Does Social Bookmarking Need A White List?


One of the things that seriously chaps my ass is when someone posts my content to a site like StumbleUpon and marks it as porn. It's not that I'm not grateful to them for promoting my content, but lets be serious here, I don't do porn. I write tech and express my opinion. On Daily … Continue reading Does Social Bookmarking Need A White List?