Deleting Negative Reviews – Drive-By Marketing

Deleting Negative Reviews - Drive-By Marketing Podcast

In this podcast I address deleting negative reviews and comments about your company / product / service from review sites, Facebook pages and other locations. I mention the reasons why you shouldn't delete negative reviews, which include: How it makes your profile looks fake or fixed, as if you were trying to game the system.The missed … Continue reading Deleting Negative Reviews – Drive-By Marketing

FTC Guidelines : They’re Not About YOUR Blog!

I watched the news surface yesterday about the FTC’s guidelines governing endorsements and testimonials and how they now affect bloggers. I read the entire 81 page document (it’s a bit of a drag to read but I recommend that you do), shrugged my shoulders and moved on. I decided to stay out of the inevitable … Continue reading FTC Guidelines : They’re Not About YOUR Blog!