Fifty Shades Of Daniel

Between Steven’s fascination with ancient Greek marbles, the Germans raising ire with sexy sexist sausages, bicycles getting sexually assaulted in Sweden, condoms being stolen at knifepoint, sex tapes and giant 140lb testicles, this may very well be the “meat and two veg” episode…

Stories mentioned in this episode of the Nothing Serious Podcast include:

A Taste Of Home

No matter where I’ve lived outside of Ireland, one thing that’s always irked me was (without going to rare specialty stores) the ability to get proper Irish brown bread, bacon, beans, and black and white pudding.

It’s not that other countries didn’t have their own variations on this stuff but everybody does it their own way. It’s always slightly different, cured for a different palate or simply not available.

Well, look what just arrived via UPS courtesy of my beautiful wife. Bread, bacon, beans, pudding, tea, Irish butter and Irish sausages… OMG you have no idea how much I’ve missed those…

My wife clearly knows the way to my heart and I love her for it!

Irish Food Swag