Just One More Zerg – Nothing Serious #Podcast 104

Don't let childbirth interrupt your video games this week - it's all about priorities. But how great can your priorities be when you'll set yourself on fire for a YouTube video challenge, but can be arrested for doing citizen science? Finally, we talk about the Satanists in Missouri that are fighting for religious exemptions to antiabortion … Continue reading Just One More Zerg – Nothing Serious #Podcast 104

Yes, Atheists Can Be Dicks Too

Just because you're an atheist doesn't mean you always hold the moral high-ground as was proven this week in Florida. The oldest member of Nothing Serious escapes the nursing home long enough to join us in a debate about dementia and consent. Police in Beloit, Wisconsin come up with a clever way to catch the … Continue reading Yes, Atheists Can Be Dicks Too

The Donkey Looks Like Wonder Woman

69 Dudes! Is there really 97% consensus that man has a detrimental effect on climate change? Can a Judge run a Christian Ministry from her court room? Learn why you should always double-check the recipient before hitting send on that selfie. What is "bubbling", why is it a trend, and can we get Daniel to … Continue reading The Donkey Looks Like Wonder Woman

It’s Un-American

It's more than just as we try out a new segment on episode 68 of Nothing Serious - "I want to play a game". However, it's not all fun and games as we discuss Ann Coulter, soccer, automatic sperm donation machines, education, science, fleshlights and of course, poop! Stories mentioned in this episode of the … Continue reading It’s Un-American

Everything Runs On AA Batteries

How to deal with intolerance? Should creationists be allowed give the commencement speech at Montana Tech. Is being too cautious taking the fun out of learning and teaching science? Do you hate your job as much as this guy? We saw the Congressman kissing staffers - but was twitter to blame? All this and more … Continue reading Everything Runs On AA Batteries

Holiday Reading List 2012 / 2013

Holiday Reading

While some folks are enjoying days and days off this holiday season, some of us have to work (grumble, grumble, grinch, grumble..) but it doesn't mean that we can't take a little time to flex the old grey matter by indulging in some good books. Thanks to Sara raiding my Amazon wish lists, these 4 … Continue reading Holiday Reading List 2012 / 2013

Wait, What Debate? – Dr. Pepper Facebook Advert Ignites Evolution Debate

Dr Pepper - Evolution of Flavor

Via Mashable comes word of how the Dr. Pepper advert below set off a debate about evolution that, as I write this, has garnered over 24,319 likes, 2314 shares and more than 3,300 comments. Why? The advert, in no-subtle way, supports evolution - as well it should. Dr Pepper set off a heated debate over evolution on Thursday after … Continue reading Wait, What Debate? – Dr. Pepper Facebook Advert Ignites Evolution Debate