Facebook Is Correcting Username Misspellings on Login

Facebook Correcting Username on login - Paul O'Flaherty

Spotted this earlier today, in the Outlook app on Android, while I was reconnecting my Facebook calendar to my Outlook calendar. It looks like you entered a slight misspelling of your email or username. We've corrected it for you, but ask that you re-enter your password for added security. I see this a potential security … Continue reading Facebook Is Correcting Username Misspellings on Login

Don’t Tell Me What To Think

Paul, Daniel and Steven are joined by Mykel Alvis on the latest episode of Nothing Serious Podcast for a quick fire jaunt through class divides, free speech, atheism, PETA, fallible popes, Facebook restricting speech, the entertainment industry wanting to infect and monitor your computer, the law breaking the law, patent trolls attacking podcasters and much, much … Continue reading Don’t Tell Me What To Think

To Unsubscribe Or To Unsubscribe?

I received an email yesterday asking to be unsubscribed from the double opt-in daily newsletter which goes out from this site. Now, despite the, as stated, double opt-in nature of signing up for a newsletter with Feedburner, what confused me about this email was that the sender was afraid of using the “Unsubscribe now” link … Continue reading To Unsubscribe Or To Unsubscribe?

O’Flaherty Episode #13 – Hail to the King!

Hail to the King! Alec and I talk about Google, FeedBurner, privacy issues and Bruce Campbell? Links Google Buying FeedBurner is pure evil! Google Google Reader Google AdSense FeedBurner Pheedo Xoops WordPress One.com Army of Darkness Bruce Campbell Credit Podcast Theme: Derek K. Miller Music: "Burn down the Mall" for Blue Valentine on PodsafeAudio.com Audacity Alec Palomo … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #13 – Hail to the King!

I am the CC King of Spam!

Well, not really, but if folks keep sending me emails that have been forwarded 200 hundred times and packed with addresses in the CC (Carbon Copy or Courtesy Copy) field then I could quite easily be if I wanted. I have no need to start scraping the internet for addresses all I have to do … Continue reading I am the CC King of Spam!