LinkedIn’s Group Spam Problem Is Almost Unbearable

LinkedIn Spam

Not the first to complain about the spam problem that plagues LinkedIn groups, but I shall definitely jump on the bandwagon because it feels like it's escalating lately. I've been rather careful about the groups I've joined (a mere 20) and changed all my settings to receive only digest emails only for the groups I'm most interested … Continue reading LinkedIn’s Group Spam Problem Is Almost Unbearable

Honest Spam

No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time-a! Comment spam is the blogger's equivalent of hemorrhoids. It's that itching, burning, pain in the ass that you just can't get rid of no matter how hard you scratch. Yet, very occasionally, the pain will subside and comment spam will provide you with a … Continue reading Honest Spam

Lazyfeed Is Not Serving Sushi. It’s All Spam!

Lazyfeed spam

Lazyfeed boasts that is is like a conyevor belt of sushi. Have you tried Conveyor belt sushi? At a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, sushi plates are automatically delivered to you literally on a conveyor belt, so you don't have to move around. Lazyfeed is Conveyor belt sushi for your interest. Lazyfeed is all about letting … Continue reading Lazyfeed Is Not Serving Sushi. It’s All Spam!

Friendship Is More Than 140 Characters

9 days after I posted about reducing the number of shared links I was posting to Twitter, I received this from a friend via a series of direct messages: Hey Paul, I just wanted to let you know why I am unfollowing before I do so. I followed you to follow *You* not your blog, … Continue reading Friendship Is More Than 140 Characters

To Unsubscribe Or To Unsubscribe?

I received an email yesterday asking to be unsubscribed from the double opt-in daily newsletter which goes out from this site. Now, despite the, as stated, double opt-in nature of signing up for a newsletter with Feedburner, what confused me about this email was that the sender was afraid of using the “Unsubscribe now” link … Continue reading To Unsubscribe Or To Unsubscribe?

O’Flaherty Episode #21 – Show me the money!

Show me the money! Recorded on my cell phone, I talk about how Technorati has become irrelevant, how much money the average blogger makes their blog, opening unsolicited emails and finally naming and shaming companies which use human spammers. Links Blogging is x3 times bigger than porn. My ass! How much money do you earn … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #21 – Show me the money!

O’Flaherty Vidcast #02 – Auntie Akismet Auntie Akismet! In this screencast I show you how to easily check hundreds of WordPress comment spams for false positives. Links Firefox WordPress Greasemonkey Akismet Auntie Spam for WordPress Internet Duct Tape Credit Vidcast Theme: Derek K. Miller

From Spam Comes Wisdom

Steven Murray sent me this today as one of those annoying emails which get mass mailed to everybody in your address book. While I usually regard these things as spam (they are) this one holds a grain of wisdom that is worth keeping in mind (I stripped out all the stupid GIFs that were embedded … Continue reading From Spam Comes Wisdom