Blogging is x3 times bigger than porn. My ass!

It’s always fun comparing sizes, but this time it think this time the “Technorati State of the Blogosphere” may have popped one to many viagras.

I wasn’t even aware that the “State of the Blogosphere” had begun to be published until Sara pointed me to the TechCrunch article about it and immediately something jumped out at me like large silicon boobs at a swimming contest.

According to the SOTB (I’m not typing the whole damn thing anymore) the average blog generates $6000 dollars a year!

Yep you read that correct! $6000 dollars a year!!!

The majority of bloggers we surveyed currently have advertising on their blogs. Among those with advertising, the mean annual investment in their blog is $1,800, but it’s paying off. The mean annual revenue is $6,000 with $75K+ in revenue for those with 100,000 or more unique visitors per month. Note: median investment and revenue (which is listed below) is significantly lower. They are also earning CPMs.

Um, er WTF? What the hell am I missing here.

Who the feck did they survey? Were these people all lying?

Lets do some simple math here.

If the mean annual revenue per blog is $6000 dollars a year, and 7.4 million blogs posted within the last 120 days.

7,400,000 blogs X $6000 dollars = $44400000000

Um yeah, like really. We’re supposed to believe that blogging is worth $44.4 Billion dollars a year?

Okay, maybe I’m being overly dramatic.

Lets look at the figures from the point of view of blogs which have posted in the past 7 days to avoid the risk of any potential dead blogs.

1,500,000 blogs X $6000 dollars = $9000000000

That’s a staggering 9 billion dollars a year which would imply that the blogging industry is 3 times bigger than the one handed brigade porn industry.

For some reason I don’t quite believe this. So, with your help dear readers, Sara and I would like to get to the bottom of this and get an accurate reflection of what you guys actually earn from your blogs on a yearly basis.

So, if you would be so kind, please fill out the poll below, and we’ll post the results on Wednesday the 1st of October.