The Cranky Canuck’s Christmas Carol

Hodson brings this holiday cheer to Nothing Serious with this very special rendition of the classic "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clark Moore. We'll be back with a new episode of Nothing Serious Podcast on January 8th, so until then - have a great holiday and an awesome New Year! Stories mentioned in … Continue reading The Cranky Canuck’s Christmas Carol

Please Support The Kim Hodson Cremation Fundraiser

Steven and Kim Hodson

I extend my deepest condolences to my good friend and mentor Steven Hodson, who's beloved wife Kim passed away this morning. Kim had been struggling against cancer and several chronic conditions for many years. Steven has been unable to work outside the home for several years due to the caring for Kim during the course … Continue reading Please Support The Kim Hodson Cremation Fundraiser

Facebook Ghosts

Steven Hodson of Winextra joins Daniel and Paul this week to talk about Call of Duty: Ghost, the next Xbox, Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, Dailymotion, Google Glass, privacy, rainwater and more... Links mentioned in this weeks Nothing Serious Podcast: Call of Duty: Ghosts - set for November release. Will be on next-gen consoles.No Dailymotion for Yahoo … Continue reading Facebook Ghosts

Social Media: The Vacuum Edition

I don't know how I missed this, but Steven Hodson (my partner in crime on the WinExtra On Windows Podcast) has started recording the occasional vidcast and true to form gives his cranky views on our little online world. The video I've chosen to embed is one he did recently about the" social media vacuum" … Continue reading Social Media: The Vacuum Edition

I Hate The Regurgitation And You Should Too

Dare to be different

Regurgitation of content is a fact of life within the tech blogosphere. Steven Hodson wrote about how being doomed to see the same content on site after site  it is simply a fact of life especially within the tech blogosphere, as there simply isn't enough news to go around. We might think that there is … Continue reading I Hate The Regurgitation And You Should Too

Has Google Gone A Step Too Far By Forcing Buzz On Users?

I know Google desperately want people to use Google Buzz, but as Steven Hodson pointed out, growth of the network will always be limited by the fact that you have to have a Gmail account in order to use the service. Google Buzz is a clever trap, but a trap all the same. It is … Continue reading Has Google Gone A Step Too Far By Forcing Buzz On Users?

How Do You Gauge Credibility?

Used Car Sales man

An interesting question was inadvertently raised by @SabrinaDent (Sabrinas blog) earlier when responding on Twitter to my post “The FCC, TSA, @MyBottlesUp And Why Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted”. How do you judge credibility online? Credible bloggers are taken plenty seriously - is an example. This woman has no credibility and never built any. How … Continue reading How Do You Gauge Credibility?

FTC Guidelines : They’re Not About YOUR Blog!

I watched the news surface yesterday about the FTC’s guidelines governing endorsements and testimonials and how they now affect bloggers. I read the entire 81 page document (it’s a bit of a drag to read but I recommend that you do), shrugged my shoulders and moved on. I decided to stay out of the inevitable … Continue reading FTC Guidelines : They’re Not About YOUR Blog!