Arrived In The Mail: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

Courtesy of my beautiful wife – Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary!

Can you guess what I’ll be doing while Sara and the girls are at the cinema watching sparkly vampires at midnight?

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I first played this. I feel old now, but not so old that I can’t kick some n00b arse tonight!

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

My Yeti Has Finally Arrived

I didn’t know it was possible to get this excited about a microphone, but since I ordered my Yeti a few days ago I grew, well, damn impatient waiting for it to arrived.

Now that it has arrived all I can say is that the waiting and anticipation have been worth it. Judging by the few short tests I’ve done today the sound is awesome and I can’t wait to put it to more “real” use.

Yeti Microphone

Bring Out Your Undead

Some ThinkGeek goodness arrived via UPS yesterday in the form of this awesome “bring out your undead” Monty Python inspired t-shirt.

I absolutely love ThinkGeek, the only problem is that it could quickly become an addiction. My wishlist for t-shirts is already over $1000!!!

Oh, rumors are that Sara managed to score a t-shirt as well!

Bring Out Your Undead TShirt
And the text glows in the dark!

Redemption In The Mail

Our copy of Browncoats Redemption arrived in the mail. It’s a Firefly fan film set 3 months after the events of Serenity and the proceeds from the film are going to charity.

So far they’ve managed to raise over $60,00 dollars for charities such as Equality Now, Kids Need to Read and The Dyslexia Foundation. At the time of writing there are just 63 days left to order your copy and get a little piece of science fiction history delivered to your door.

Between watching this and the new Call Of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation map pack, it’s starting to look like there’s a busy night ahead!

Browncoats Redemption