Am I “Old Skool” Or Just Old? (Revisited)

It's been eight years, 2 months and 18 days since I first wrote the words below, and it's either a sad commentary on gaming, or perhaps on me, that as I approach 34 years of age (in October) I still lament the state of modern video games as I did when I was a tender 25-year-old.. Of … Continue reading Am I “Old Skool” Or Just Old? (Revisited)

America – I Can’t Wait For You To Wake Up And Be Great Again

Anybody who's been following my twitter stream probably knows that I'm disturbed by recent events here in the U.S, such as the introduction of the E-PARASITES / PROTECT-IP act and the Stop Online Piracy Act - "SOPA". I'm not the only one concerned, and Mathew Ingram over at GigaOm even went as far as to … Continue reading America – I Can’t Wait For You To Wake Up And Be Great Again

Grammar Police: They have me wound up again

Yeah, the Grammar Nazi's have been at it again lately and I’m sure you all know that they really chaff my ass (almost as much as the PC crowd), so I felt the need to have a little rant about them. Sorry for the poor lighting, but this was just a “get it off your … Continue reading Grammar Police: They have me wound up again

Blogging To Infamy

You may have noticed some of the negative blog posts which have been floating around the web today with regards to Blogging to Fame, a project run by Indian blogger Divya Uttam! It all came to my attention when Antman from Cre8buzz messaged me this morning asking for my opinion on his post "A scam … Continue reading Blogging To Infamy

O’Flaherty Episode #12 – Blizzard bashing!

Blizzard Bashing! I'm in a ranting mood today bashing everything within reach. Great music from The Joules. Links Blizzard World of Warcraft O'Flaherty Vidcast Ostracize the Xenophobes: AmericaNet Ubustu Ubuntu Studio Credit Podcast Theme: Derek K. Miller Music: "What's Wrong with you!" by The Joules! Audacity Download Podcast MP3: O'Flaherty #12 7.4 Mb 0:15:30

Ostracize the Xenophobes – AmericaNet

Note: April 4th 2017 - The problems outlined in this post become even more of an issue since the introduction of more top level domains such as .audio, .blog, .biz. Also, rather depressingly, 10 years after since I wrote the original article and America is still the #1 source of spam according to Spamhaus. Lifehacker … Continue reading Ostracize the Xenophobes – AmericaNet

O’Flaherty Episode #09 – Spaten München

Spaten München I'm pissed of at Apple iTunes. Microsoft makes good with Firefox. Facebook may yet grant my wish. You too can own a social network  and my podcasting glass is revealed. My voice decides to disappear mid way through the podcast. Thankfully a drink from my official podcasting glass brings it back and I … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #09 – Spaten München

O’Flaherty Episode #08 – The OFlaherty Doctrine!

The O'Flaherty Doctrine! Tim O'Reilly's proposed Bloggers Code of Conduct provokes a rant from me. One or two minor audio jumps. Sorry folks! Great music by The Joules! Links Tim O'Reilly - Call for a Bloggers Code of Conduct Kathy Sierra - Creating Passionate Users Tim O'Reilly - Code of Conduct Lessons Learned so far Magic … Continue reading O’Flaherty Episode #08 – The OFlaherty Doctrine!