Are We Easily Distracted Or Just Lazy?

Leo Laporte, while talking about iPads and productivity on TWiT 270, said something which really resonated with me and which I have been saying for a very long time:

I increasingly feel like technology is more about distraction than actually productivity, or creation or innovation. It’s all just a bunch of shiny crap.

As I’ve said to Steven on Daily Brief many times “Welcome to the era of Tonka Toy computing”.

We’re so distracted by the shiny “here and now” of it all that we take the 5 minutes of cheap entertainment over being creative which is infinitely more valuable.

Perhaps it’s an issue of laziness?

Being creative and productive requires effort and thought, but in a world of effortless distraction why would you bother?

Would We Be Better Bloggers Without Statistics?

statisticsI was listening to TWiT episode 246 a few moments ago and Dwight Silverman said something that really resonated with me while they were discussing Nick Denton, Gawker and the whole “stolen iPhone / iPhoneGate” fiasco.

“This is the dilemma of the web. I think every news organization that has the ability to see how many people are looking at their news and what they’re looking at, you know, as soon as you see what people are looking at that changes what you write about and I think that just because you can count something doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea that you should”

What are your thoughts? Does the knowledge of what people are searching for, or what pages are popular with the unwashed masses make us change how we blog or write?

Do we lose focus of why we are blogging, lose focus of what we are passionate about in our quest for that next pageview or AdSense penny?